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« La Gazza Ladra Ouverture »
for five guitars or guitar ensemble (G.Rossini/ S.Fujii)


« La Gazza Ladra Ouverture »
for five guitars or guitar ensemble
(G.Rossini/ S.Fujii)

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1st edition : Aug. 31th, 2005
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“Overture〜La Gazza Ladra”

  The arrangenement for five guitars or Ensemble of “La Gazza Ladra”Overture composed by the Italian Opera master, Gioacchino Rossini was commisssioned for the Shonai International Guitar Festival held August 2005 in the Shonai area of Yamagata prefecture.
   For the Gala Concert held on the last day of the Festival, my teacher Oscar Ghiglia, Kaori Muraji, Yasuji Ohagi, Daisuke Suzuki, and myself were to come together to perform, but pieces written for a guitar quintet were so few that selecting a piece was very difficult.
   So I decided to ask my long time friend and the most trustworthy ensemble expert, Shingo Fujii to arrange this piece for us. In this arrangement, the five guitars play off one another’s colors and skills, conversing and cooperating in 10 minutes of guitar spectacle.
   This is indeed a piece overflowing with Italian enthusiasm and vitality, the very nature of Oscar Ghiglia’s homeland. I am truly grateful for the Shonai Festival for providing the opportunity for the creation of such a revolutionary piece, so unique and powerful.

Shin-ichi Fukuda
August, 2005

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« La Gazza Ladra »